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Rare earth oxide series
Rare earth salt series
Special physical rare earth oxides
Peng Fuzheng
fax: 0523-87294659
Xingning Village, Guangling Town, Taixing City, Jiangsu Province

Jiangsu Guosheng New Material Co., Ltd. Production Project with Annual Output of 3,000 Tons of Special Physical Properties Rare Earth Compounds

全本 公示 Full text of environmental impact assessment

I. Project Overview

在现有部分设备的基础上填平补齐,建设年产 3000 吨特殊物性稀土化合物生产线 总投资 3800 万元 The project is planned to be located in the existing plant area of Jiangsu Guosheng New Materials Co., Ltd. Based on the existing equipment, it will fill in and complete the construction of a production line with an annual output of 3,000 tons of special physical rare earth compounds . The total investment is 38 million yuan .

建设单位 基本信息 Second, the basic information of the construction unit
江苏国盛新材料有限公司 Construction unit name: Jiangsu Guosheng New Material Co., Ltd.
杨工 Contact: Yang Gong      0523-87294777 Phone: 0523-87294777

评价单位 基本信息 Third, the basic information of the evaluation unit
Unit and contact information for environmental impact assessment
江苏新清源环保有限公司 Unit: Jiangsu Xinqingyuan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.
025-856081 6 0 Phone: 025-856081 6 0     025-85608188 Fax: 025-85608188  
zb606520 @163.com Email: zb606520 @ 163.com
Contact: Zhou Gong

公示时间 4. Publicity time

自公告之日起,不少于 5 个工作日。 February 3, 2020 , no less than 5 working days from the date of announcement .

Attachment 1 : Public participation instructions (click to download)
Attachment 2 : Guosheng New Materials Rare Earth Oxide Project (full publication) (click to download)